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October 31, 2019

Kymeta Partners with the City of Redmond for Cascadia Rising Solutions

Kymeta supports the City of Redmond Emergency Management Division by providing critical communications during disaster response exercise

Redmond, Wash. (Oct. 31, 2019)Kymeta— the communications company that is completing the connectivity fabric for everything, everywhere—joined the City of Redmond and multiple partners for Cascadia Rising Solutions – a full-scale emergency management exercise designed to assess disaster response and recovery preparedness in the event of a large-scale earthquake or similarly catastrophic incident. The two day long exercise was supported by partners from across the United States and Canada, as well as volunteers from the City of Redmond and surrounding areas. Kymeta was an industry partner in this event providing its hybrid connectivity solution, which leverages both satellite and cellular networks, to multiple city vehicles. Kymeta’s electronically steered, flat panel terminals were installed on a fire battalion commander’s vehicle, a medical response vehicle, and a large mobile emergency command center vehicle.

Kymeta’s unique hybrid platform enables reliable and robust communications for first responders in a range of environments and field operations where deployment speed and high mobility are critical factors. Kymeta solutions also help communities restore essential connectivity in the aftermath of catastrophic events such as a significant earthquake. During the exercise, the solution enabled communications capabilities for response teams, including voice and video phone calls and image transfer during the simulated outages.

Cascadia Rising took place at several locations throughout the city of Redmond. The drills consisted of three rounds of activities to challenge reaction and response times in cases of limited technology, transitional access to technology, and access to advanced high technology. Kymeta demonstrated the ease of use of its connectivity solutions platform, and its ability to seamlessly integrate with first responders’ existing devices without the need for additional training.

“Partnering with the City of Redmond for this exercise allowed Kymeta to demonstrate our connectivity solutions when reliance on communications is needed most,” said Ben Posthuma, Kymeta Product Manager for Advanced Connectivity. “We can’t control an unexpected natural disaster, but we can prepare to mitigate for a communications breakdown and how to respond through exercises such as this.”

“The goal is to have a prepared and resilient community where we have a series of partners that we can depend on to help us respond and recover from an incident,” said Dr. Pattijean Hooper, Emergency Manager at the City of Redmond. “Reliability during an emergency is life-critical access. When you need to get people to a hospital, get access to medication, or connect individuals to essential services the first question is do I have the information channel to do that. Connectivity is the first element of response operation.”

Kymeta is looking forward to further developing its relationship with the City of Redmond and all partners involved in the exercise.

About Kymeta

Kymeta is unlocking the potential of satellite connectivity, combined with cellular networks, to satisfy the overwhelming demand for global ubiquitous mobile connectivity. The company’s flat-panel satellite antenna, the first of its kind, the Kymeta connected platform, and Kymeta connectivity services provide revolutionary mobile connectivity on satellite and hybrid satellite-cellular networks to customers around the world. Backed by U.S. and international patents and licenses, the Kymeta terminal addresses the need for lightweight, slim, and high-throughput communication systems that do not require mechanical components to steer toward a satellite. Kymeta makes connecting easy – for any vehicle, vessel, or fixed platform.

Kymeta is a privately held company based in Redmond, Washington.

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